Please read and abide by these rules if you wish to join this community...

1. Language - Ultimate Assassins has users of all ages participating in play. Therefore we ask that all players show consideration to this by refraining themselves from using foul and abusive language that may offend other players.
2. Abuse - We will not tolerate abuse of any description. Whether it be aimed to another player, in the forums, and especially towards the Admin staff. No exceptions!
3. Duping - Only 1 activated account is allowed per person. Any more than 1 is classed as duping/cheating which will result in your character being executed by the Admin staff. If you are playing from a network or someone else plays from the same ip address, be sure to use unique usernames, passwords and e-mails. A dupe search is carried out on a regular basis and ALL cheating accounts found are executed, with zero chance of revival.
4. Scripting - Scripting is where you have a program or script that plays your account for you. Use of any such program will again result in your accounts execution, and a possible ban.
5. Account Sharing - Only 1 person is allowed to play a single account. You cannot swap accounts with someone, nor can you log into someone elses account with or without their permission.
6. Quotes/Profile Pictures - Nothing abusive or offensive please. Any valid complaints will be acted on firstly with a warning, and then execution if a resolution is not reached.
7. HTML/Links - HTML, links and scripts are not allowed in any part of the site. This is for security reasons, and for the safety of your own account. Measures have been put in place to prevent this, however any attempt to exploit this will result in a ban.

I have read and understood the above rules, and agree to follow them.